GDPUD canal
BEN|EN to Design Canal and Treated Water Pipeline Improvements for Georgetown Divide PUD

Georgetown Divide Public Utility District (GDPUD) has selected Bennett Engineering Services to design canal and treated water pipeline improvements. The work will consist of engineering design, environmental review, permitting, bid documents, engineering estimates, bid support services, and engineering support during construction for water line replacement and upgrades, and canal repair and lining. The water line replacement includes approximately 1,350 linear feet of 4-inch treated water line upsized to 6-inch pipe in Kit Fox Court and Angel Camp Court. Canal improvements…

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BEN|EN Designs Road Rehabilitation for City of Williams

Bennett Engineering Services recently completed design of roadway rehabilitation throughout the City of Williams. The project included the addition of American with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant curb ramps. The project employed several rehabilitation strategies, including grind and overlay with localized dig-outs to repair base failures. 

City of Stockton Logo
Engineering Design for City of Stockton Left Turn Lanes

Bennett Engineering Services is leading design and construction assistance for left-turn lanes on three approaches at the West Lane/Bianchi Road intersection; one left-turn lane on westbound approach at March Lane/Feather River Drive intersection; and one left turn lane on northbound and southbound approaches at Airport Way/Sperry Road/Arch-Airport Road intersection. The project is funded by the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program. The design team includes ESA, Y & C Transportation Consultants, and O’Dell Engineering, who are providing environmental…

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BEN|EN Completes Sunrise/Folsom Intersection Truck Path Analysis

The Bennett Engineering Services team analyzed a major intersection in the City of Rancho Cordova for truck turning clearance of a STAA Standard Design Vehicle (69-foot-long). The City required verification the vehicles could manage the turns required to maneuver through the intersection. The analysis had five major maneuvers, including a U-turn. These maneuvers were analyzed for both the existing conditions and proposed improvements at that intersection. Ten turning analysis exhibits were produced and submitted to the City for review. For…

Stockton Bike/Ped Crossing Improvements
Pedestrian Crossings at Nine Intersections for the City of Stockton

Bennett Engineering Services is providing design of crossing improvements to enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety at nine locations in the City of Stockton’s Weston Ranch area. Improvements include high visibility crosswalks, pedestrian hybrid beacons, frontage improvements, and flashing beacons. Funding for the project originates from Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant funds. Services by Environmental Science Associates, Y & C Transportation Consultants, and Unico Engineering include environmental services, electrical and signals engineering, and surveying, respectively.

City of Oroville Logo
Flashing Beacons Added to Montgomery Roundabout

Beacons to Slow Traffic Bennett Engineering Services is assisting the City of Oroville to design flashing beacons that will be added to the Washington Avenue-Montgomery Street intersection roundabout. The beacons will draw driver’s attention to the pedestrian crossings and the need for oncoming traffic to slow to the posted 25-mph speed limit when entering the intersection.

City of West Sacramento Logo
Design-Build Water Tank and Pump Station Engineering Design for West Sacramento

Water Tank, Pump Station Design Bennett Engineering Services is teamed with Gateway Pacific Contractors to design and build a 1.9 MG water tank and pump station. It is located in the City of West Sacramento’s The Rivers area. Additional water storage tank projects: Banner Taylor Water Tank for Nevada Irrigation District, Santa Cruz Bay Street Reservoir Replacement, and Lincoln Verdera Tank #3

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