City and District Engineering Services

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Professional and Friendly

Municipalities, agencies, and districts require consultants with a depth of experience necessary to perform multifaceted functions. The engineer must represent the organization professionally and respond to the public’s needs safely, efficiently, and with a friendly approach. The consultant needs to understand the region, the requirement to vet issues appropriately, the imperative for transparency, and the obligation to communicate with elected officials. The engineer must be backed by a competent and creative team experienced in listening to and meeting organizations’ special needs.

Our extension of staff leaders have 15 to 28 years of experience as city and district engineers and surveyors. Our extension of staff teams provide:

  • More than one experienced person always available
  • Quick and comprehensive response
  • Innovative programs, standards, and procedures
  • Experience with capital improvement and development projects
  • Success at grant acquisition and management
  • Wide range of cost-effective solutions
  • Planning, design, and construction management services