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Providing high quality civil engineering services to cities, counties, special districts, universities, private companies, and other professionals has always been the firm’s focus. Bennett Engineering Services (BEN|EN) takes pride in finding innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to roadway, water, wastewater, drainage, site improvement, and other important infrastructure projects. What sets the firm apart is its ability to partner with clients early in project development and retain that partnership through the life of the project.


  • Roadway Planning and Design
  • Complete Streets and Streetscapes
  • Bridge Replacements
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Grant Funding Application Assistance
  • Federal Funding Processing
  • Caltrans Coordination
  • Caltrans PID, PA&ED, and PS&E Processing
  • Caltrans Encroachment Permit Processing
  • Utility Relocation Coordination
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Construction Support
  • Right-of-Way Relinquishment
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)

  • Water Master Planning
  • Pipelines and Pump Stations
  • Storage Reservoirs
  • Well Design and Development
  • Recycled and Raw Water
  • Water System Modeling
  • Stormwater Detention and Retention
  • Water Treatment Systems Evaluation
  • Pressure Reducing/Sustaining Stations
  • Hydroelectric Analysis and Design
  • Inlet Structures
  • Canal Conversions
  • PipeOpt Economic Evaluation
  • Permit Update and Compliance

  • Wastewater Master Planning
  • Collection System Analysis and Design
  • Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Studies
  • Lift Stations
  • Pipelines
  • Regionalization System Planning
  • Treatment System Evaluation
    Treatment Plant Decommissioning
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant System Design
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board Compliance

  • Grant and Loan Applications
  • Funding Management
  • State and Federal Funding
  • Transportation, Water, and Wastewater Projects

Land Development
  • Entitlement
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Grading and Drainage Design
  • Electric, Gas, Cable, and Other Utility Planning and Design
  • Roadway Frontage Improvement Design
  • Water System Optimization Modeling
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Qualified SWPPP Developer/Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSD/QSP)
  • Stormwater Treatment System Design
  • Mutual Water Company Formation

City/District Engineering
  • Engineers offer 15 to 28 Years of Experience Listening to and Meeting Municipality and District Needs
  • Represent the Organization Professionally
  • Respond to the Public’s Needs Safely, Efficiently, and with a Friendly Approach
  • Backed by a Competent and Creative Engineering Team

City of Roseville Blue Oaks Boulevard Widening right turn lane bike lane intersection

They’re the best firm I’ve ever worked with. They’re so easy to work with. I never get pushback anytime I want to make changes. They have such a good attitude about it. I never feel like I’m putting them out, or hear “This is going to cost more money”, and I appreciate that. I would recommend them to any jurisdiction.

Nina Buelna
Associate Engineer, City of Roseville
City of Roseville zone 4 pump station

In response to the 2014 drought, the City needed to get two pump stations designed, bid and constructed in a very short time frame, meeting all City design specifications. Bennett Engineering has been very responsive to the schedule, and has provided innovative solutions to work around possible delays.  As a result, the pump stations were on schedule to meet demands for 2015.

Jim Mulligan
Water Utility Manager, City of Roseville
City of Sacramento Del Paso Boulevard streetscape sidewalk improvements median strips

BEN|EN’s responsiveness as well as their ability to think outside the box is what I like best about working with them. Leo was able to expedite the processes especially working with Caltrans on a federal project. He was able to call specific people and navigate those waters. That was worth its weight in gold!”

Matt Johns
Project Manager, City of Sacramento
Nevada Irrigation District Banner Taylor water storage tank

Bennett Engineering Services worked on the design-build team for the Upper Banner project for the Nevada Irrigation District. The design-build team really listened to our concerns and was very responsive. Using the design-build delivery process functioned exceptionally well—the project has been on time and on budget.

Gary King, PE, Ph.D
Engineering Manager, Nevada Irrigation District
15334-006 AG Spanos at Banyan

The process was streamlined and the communication, responsiveness, and quality were excellent.  I was very pleased with the level of service. I never had to wait for a response. When the project engineer was going to be unavailable, he provided information ahead of time and had another engineer ready to respond if he couldn’t.

Monique Raqueno
Project Manager, City of Stockton
Citrus Heights Water District water main replacement construction

“A lot of firms will do plans the way they are used to, but Bennett Engineering said, “Tell us how you want the plans to look and we’ll make them the way you want them.” No one has ever asked us that! So the end product was something we were very familiar with. It looked like we did it in-house and our workers will not have any problem deciphering what the drawings mean or finding information in the future.”

Paul Dietrich
Project Manager, Citrus Heights Water District
City of Auburn downtown crosswalk sidewalk ADA improvements

The work Leo Rubio did for us with the Caltrans Relinquishment project was stellar.  He really did one-of-a-kind work.  We were able to build Streetscape Phase 1 because he got it moved right through the Commission.  The whole thing was done in 18 months.  It was amazing.

Bernie Schroeder
Director of Public Works, City of Auburn

Bennett Engineering has provided a senior engineer staff member for the City of Lincoln and their availability and attention to detail have been a great asset to the City of Lincoln.

Bruce Burnworth, PE
Former City Engineer, City of Lincoln
Nevada Irrigation District Banner Taylor Water Storage Tanks

BEN|EN’s response on this project has been excellent, and I appreciate the work and communication with me in dealing with our varied schedule.

Adrian Schneider, PE
Senior Associate Engineer, Nevada Irrigation District
City of Rocklin Safe Routes to School crosswalk with ADA ramp

It is refreshing to see how Leo and his crew approached the project.  He was flexible schedule wise, and handled certain options and changes well.

SP Mann
Project Manager, City of Rocklin
Brentwood, California church with parking lot, lighting, curbs, and sidewalk, as well as a Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater detention basin

The fact that we are comfortable referring them is big. It’s their overall approach. You’re comfortable at the end of the day that you won’t have any surprises with the civil during construction.

Adam Lehner
Principal, Borges Architectural Group
City of Sacramento Del Paso Boulevard streetscape ADA sidewalk improvements landscaping bus

My favorite thing about working with Bennett Engineering is the level of commitment to their work product. They take pride in their work and want to see a successful project, which is very apparent from working with them on the Del Paso Boulevard project. Leo Rubio will bend over backwards to find solutions for us and think outside the box.”

Matt Johns
Project Manager, City of Sacramento
Placer County Water Agency Lincoln station hydroelectric transformer

I appreciated BEN|EN’s knowledge of PG&E rules and policies.  PCWA anticipates substantial savings in connection fees.

Ken Powers
Associate Engineer, Placer County Water Agency
City of Rocklin Safe Routes to School crosswalk

It’s nice to work with Leo.  He’s very proactive.  When issues came up, they were resolved fairly easily.

SP Mann
Project Manager, City of Rocklin
Citrus Heights Water District construction water main replacement construction

We were very pleased with out how things went with Bennett Engineering.  They were very responsive and thorough.

Paul Dietrich
Project Manager, Citrus Heights Water District
Newcastle Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant decommissioning construction tanks

We have a great team working on this that is technically excellent and easy to work with and that gets results!

Ed Sander
Retired General Manager, Newcastle Sanitary District
City of Citrus Heights Sunrise Boulevard Streetscape median strips landscaping reversible lanes

Leo and his team are very responsive to us.  Leo’s knowledge of the Caltrans process has been a huge asset for our project team because he’s been able to push some things through that would often take longer.  For me, that’s a very important aspect to this project – getting through the Caltrans process – as well as his knowledge of the people up there.  It’s helped move things along.”

Stu Hodgkins
Principal Civil Engineer, City of Citrus Heights
City of Lincoln Neighborhood Electric Vehicle NEV bike/NEV lane

BEN|EN’s team consistently keeps me fully informed, and provides the City of Lincoln quality products and services that are on time and within budget!

John Pedri, PE
Retired Director of Public Works, City of Lincoln
City of Roseville Antelope PFE Road water transmission pipeline ground installation

BEN|EN provided innovative solutions to financial and water system constraints that resulted in a successful project that was completed within a tight budget.

Cathy Lee
Former Project Manager, Cathy Lee
City of Rocklin Safe Routes to School ADA crosswalk

Response from the team has been very good.  Leo has excellent initiative.

Jee Choy, PE
Senior Engineer, City of Rocklin
City of Roseville Highland Reserve North pump station

As the project manager of the Highland Reserve North Pump Station project, I appreciated BEN|EN’s pursuit of new and innovative solutions to hydraulic problems while staying within a limited project budget.

Ken Glotzbach
Wastewater Utility Manager, City of Roseville
A gap in the parking lot curb allows rain to run off into the Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater detention basin

I am more than pleased with Bennett Engineering.  On one project, I called on a Thursday and they were out at the site on Saturday doing survey work to get the client out of a crunch. The client waited until the last minute, but they jumped through hoops to take care of him.

Adam Lehner
Principal, Borges Architectural Group
City of Roseville recycled water fallout inside

BEN|EN provided innovative solutions for several engineering hydraulic constraints encountered during design.  I appreciated the outside of the box thinking.

Bryan Buchanan
Project Manager, Bryan Buchanan

Bennett Engineering was the unanimous selection due largely to their breadth of municipal experience service, very positive record, and strong track record of success obtaining funding from various State and Federal agencies. Bennett Engineering provides engineering services to several agencies in Butte County, including the City of Biggs. Bennett is highly regarded by area cities and the Butte County Association of Governments and by local Caltrans staff.

Paul Eckert
City Administrator, City of Gridley
Nevada Irrigation District Siphon Lane Pump Station three vertical turbine pumps

The APWA Project of the Year Award is a significant win for us because it really is a recognition of both our work as the owner and for Gateway Pacific, our contractor, and Bennett Engineering Services, our consulting engineer. It shows how private and public can work together and come up with a really successful project for the public.

Rem Scherzinger
General Manager, Nevada Irrigation District


Bennet Engineering Services maintains a staff of highly-qualified professionals in our growing firm. If you are client-service oriented and entrepreneurial, a position with Bennet Engineering Services may be a perfect match for you. We are looking for individuals who solve problems, respond enthusiastically to challenges, and want to contribute to the team’s success. For more information, visit our Careers page.


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