Community Involvement

Bennett Engineering Services + Y&C Transportation Consultants take great pride in the work we do, not just in engineering but also the ways we give back to our community.

Our firm participates in volunteering opportunities, sponsorships and scholarship funds, and mentoring in addition to the communal benefits our work provides.


Our firm volunteers for various organizations, including:

  • Habitat For Humanity of Greater Sacramento
  • American River Parkway Foundation
  • American Heart Association

Sponsorships and Scholarship Funds

We also provide sponsorships and donations for scholarships and university programs through these organizations:

  • American Public Works Association (APWA) Sacramento Chapter
  • American Public Works Association (APWA) Silicon Valley
  • Mountain Counties Water Resources Association (MCWRA)
  • Vitalant (Blood Drive)


We delight in inspiring the next generation of engineers! BEN|EN attends events aimed at getting children from elementary to high school age curious about engineering. We have partnered with ASCE Sacramento, Sacramento State University, and other organizations by providing information about what BEN|EN does and giving presentations about engineering in fun and engaging ways.

A group of BEN|EN engineers and ASCE members at a presentation at SacState for young students.
2024 ASCE Presentation at SacState.

As a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise with nearly half of our engineers being female, mentoring future women engineers is dear to our hearts and we participate in events specifically geared to getting our message out to young women and encouraging them to consider a career in STEM.

A group photo of students, teachers, and engineers for Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, 2024.
Group photo: Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Project Impact

Franklin Boulevard

Franklin Boulevard is a street near a disadvantaged community in Sacramento. The street was often used as an alternative route to skip freeway traffic. However, the volume of this diverted traffic combined with high speeds endangered pedestrians and cyclists. The Complete Streets program intends to not only beautify the street but add a road diet to discourage drivers from speeding down Franklin Blvd and using it as an alternative to the freeway during rush hour traffic.

This project began as a grassroots effort from the community that is supported by the City of Sacramento. BEN|EN has supported the Complete Streets project with engineering for grant applications that have brought in $14 million to help design and build the project.

The design and beautification will reflect the community identity, such as in the murals depicted below.An image of a Mexican-style mural. To the right, the mural depicts a building with the open sky above it. In the middle is a simplified image of a fountain that says "International Fountain of Knowledge" with the text wrapping around said fountain. The lefthand side of the mural is of a saloon, a sign that says "Carreon Blvd" and a man planting a tree. A sculpture of a bicycle nailed to cobblestone with Mexican-style art painted on it. One wheel has the visage of Cesar Chavez. The other is of the community standing together with signs for a protest or parade in front of The American flag, UFW flag, and a government building.