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Neighborhood Park #3

The First Park in a New Neighborhood

Neighborhood Park #3 in the Folsom Plan Area south of Highway 50 lies adjacent to Mangini Ranch Elementary School and will be the first park in this newly developing area. The 11.8-acre site is planned to feature lighted youth ball and soccer fields, a lighted basketball court, a playground, group picnic areas, a restroom, and a parking lot.

As a subconsultant, Bennett Engineering Services will prepare cost estimates, grading and drainage plans, water and sewer plans, Temporary Erosion Control and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), and provide SMARTS file management. The team will coordinate and submit the required documents for the submittal including the project Notice of Intent (NOI) and the Permit Registration Documents to obtain the project Waste Discharge Identification (WDID) Number in the State Water Resources Control Board SMARTS database, as well as prepare and coordinate the Stormwater Annual Report. The team will also provide bidding and construction assistance.

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