Sunrise Boulevard Complete Streets

Road Diet and Low-Impact Development Design Create a Walkable, Bikeable Community Corridor

In an effort to increase bicycle and pedestrian mobility and connectivity to residential areas and neighborhood shopping, the project team provided the design for a “road diet” and complete street along a two-mile stretch of heavily-traveled Sunrise Boulevard in the City of Citrus Heights.

The design included reconstructing curb and gutter, widening existing and reconstructing ADA-compliant sidewalks, installing several bus pads/turnouts, low-impact development design for roadway drainage, storm drain improvements, stamped asphalt crosswalks, traffic signal upgrades, detection loops, retaining walls, striping, signage, and a full-width AC overlay after minor reconstruction of failed pavement sections.

The project team addressed challenges including utility constraints, providing safe pedestrian and bicycle pathways and ADA access, and enhancing and creating identity along the corridor.

The project also included public outreach efforts, preparation of environmental documentation, federal funding assistance with Caltrans local assistance for environmental, right-of-way, utility, and local approvals.

“Leo and his team are very responsive to us. Leo’s knowledge of the Caltrans process has been a huge asset for our project team because he’s been able to push some things through that would often take longer. For me, that’s a very important aspect of this project—getting through the Caltrans process—as well as his knowledge of the people up there. It’s helped move things along.” 
Stu Hodgkins, Principal Civil Engineer, City of Citrus Heights