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Roseville Roller Compacted Concrete Roadway Rehabilitation

Low-Maintenance Paving Resists Rutting and Shoving while Minimizing Heat Island Effect

Currently in construction, this project rehabilitates more than two miles of asphalt pavement in multiple locations with Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC).

Atkinson Road is a two-lane collector road with roadside drainage ditches and narrow shoulders. This project will rehabilitate the pavement on Atkinson Road and add bicycle lanes while maintaining current drainage patterns. The five-lane Washington Boulevard arterial will be repaved curb to curb with minor widening. The two-lane Denio Loop Road will also be repaved curb to curb. Staging construction on this high-volume roadway is challenging, however using RCC, which sets faster than asphalt, will allow the city to open the roadway quickly, typically within 24 hours.

RCC pavement does not rut or shove and requires no seal coating or resurfacing, so maintenance is minimal when compared to asphalt pavement. Combined with competitive construction costs, RCC may provide up to 30 percent savings in lifecycle costs.

Sustainability benefits include reduced lighting requirements and less heat island effect due to the lighter color.