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Clover Valley Reservoir Desilting and Supply Pipeline

2014 APWA Sacramento Chapter Project of the Year Award

Converting Canal to Pipeline and Desilting Restore Reservoir Capacity

The Antelope Canal delivers water to agricultural users using the Clover Valley Reservoir to regulate downstream deliveries. An unlined portion of the Antelope Canal experienced severe erosion and down-cutting, resulting in a significant source of reservoir silt. Over time, the reservoir capacity had become severely impaired.

Bennett Engineering Services managed a highly experienced and specialized team to provide engineering solutions for the desilting process and restore the reservoir capacity. In addition, the project team developed options for the reservoir supply pipeline, which included alternative and hydraulic analysis, calculations, and field investigations. Plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates included the following details:

  • Pipeline junctions and structures joining the pipeline construction with existing canals
  • Canal-to-pipeline screening system
  • Existing canal and the new bypass. Schedules demonstrate that the downstream Antelope Canal deliveries will remain intact with no outages, or only minimal outage periods
  • Reservoir desilting requirements
  • Geomorphology solutions for the eroded canal sections

The most challenging portion of the project was to desilt the clogged, underwater culvert that would eventually house the bypass pipeline. Underwater vacuum sediment removal—using floating barges and divers—was selected as the most efficient option with the least environmental impact. Pre-construction testing determined the sediment was clear of any hazardous material, allowing routine disposal.


More Information

Request the Clover Valley Reservoir Culvert Desilting PDF brochure, which includes the following:

  • UPPR Coordination
  • Underwater Vacuum Sediment Removal
  • Construction Management
  • Safety Performance
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Community Relations