Old Davis Road Extension

Roadway Extension Makes a New Connection

This project on the University of California, Davis campus included several improvements to roadways, trails, and parking lots. Old Davis Road was extended and a segment of existing roadway was rehabilitated using full-depth recycling (FDR). Two intersections were redesigned to improve safety by reducing conflicts between pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic.

New Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail

The team designed a new bicycle and pedestrian trail segment into the Arboretum. From there, Arboretum Drive was converted into a bicycle and pedestrian use pathway.

ADA-Compliance Improvements and Planters to Manage Stormwater

The project also included the installation of ADA-compliant curb ramps and low-impact development (LID) to manage stormwater runoff. Two parking lots were reconfigured and rehabilitated.

Phasing Strategy

The team worked closely with the University to develop a phasing strategy that would provide continuous access and parking for students and faculty during construction without an impact to the budget.