Lincoln Regional Sewer Pipeline

Caltrans Encroachment Permit Acquisition for Pipeline Saves $3 Million in Construction Costs and Reduces Environmental Impacts

Bennett Engineering Services provided engineering services for this regional sewer pipeline project from 2002 to 2007. The team took a lead role in negotiating a tri-party sewer service agreement between the landowner, the City of Lincoln, and Placer County.

Technical studies were performed to determine pipe size and evaluate alignment alternatives. Recommendations were accepted by Placer County and the City of Lincoln. Plans, specifications, and estimates were completed for 3.5 miles of 42-inch and 48-inch gravity sewer pipeline. The design included several creek crossings, as well as formed and raised two-stage manholes for easy access for maintenance. The design also included a metering and flow-quality monitoring station. Construction management responsibilities included the following:

  • Reviewed shop drawings and material submittals for construction of the gravity sewer pipeline along Ferrari Ranch Road and SR 193
  • Responded to requests for information throughout construction
  • Conducted periodic construction inspections to ensure pipeline was being constructed per plans, specifications, and submittals
  • Inspected pipeline bedding, pipe zone, and initial backfill
  • Inspected rebar spacing of concrete joint structures
  • Observed roadway reconstruction

The project included approval by Caltrans of an encroachment permit to allow the pipeline to be constructed in Caltrans right-of-way parallel to Highway 193. This alignment saved more than $3 million in construction costs and simplified the environmental approval.