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City of Gridley – City Engineer

City Engineer Addresses Aged Infrasture in City Founded in 1905

Bennett Engineering Services is currently providing complete City Engineering services to the City of Gridley. Assignments include preparation of staff reports to City Council, Planning Commission, and Public Works Committees; plan checking; funding acquisition; review and approval of tentative and final parcel maps; lot-line adjustments; right-of-way and easement legal descriptions; and assisting with infrastructure and capital improvement planning and design. In addition, the team designs and prepares plans, specifications, and estimates and performs construction management for projects. These include site development for a city building addition and Little Avenue Force Main Replacement and Lift Station Improvements.

Challenges include aged infrastructure with limited as-built information and budgets.  The team works directly with operations staff to value engineer solutions, rely on operations staff to field verify the location of facilities and equipment, distribute tasks to available City staff, and design to tight budgets.