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Franklin Boulevard Complete Street

Road Diet to Enable Protected Bike Lanes and Landscaping

This project includes the preparation of a federally-funded complete streets plan and a project approval and environmental documentation (PA&ED) phase that supports development goals and improves mobility and safety. The project requires alternatives development that addresses the needs of the community, including a road diet, separated bike lanes, ADA-compliant accessibility improvements, raised and landscaped medians, bifurcated sidewalks, and drought-tolerant landscaping. The firm has assisted the city with funding acquisition totaling $14.7 million in Active Transportation Program (ATP) and Community Design Grant awards.

Challenges | Solutions

A robust public engagement effort required close coordination with local stakeholders including the business district, local churches, and neighborhood associations. The design addresses the needs and concerns of both the businesses—who fear loss of revenue due to changes in access or lack of parking—but also concerns of the community—who say they want to see traffic slow down, more shade trees, improved pedestrian lighting, bike lanes, and the ability to cross Franklin Boulevard safely. 16319