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Blue Oaks Boulevard Widening

Safety for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Improved while Widening Roadway

This project was designed to improve traffic circulation and increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians within a heavily traveled and congested commuter route in the City of Roseville.

The improvements expanded the boulevard from four to six lanes, widened bike lanes, modified medians, included drainage improvements, traffic safety modifications and implemented ADA upgrades at intersections within the two-mile project area. The design included new lane geometry, signal modifications, pavement marking, signage, and drainage upgrades. Utility coordination was performed according to Caltrans standards.

The project had an expedited schedule that included coordination with utility companies for relocation and executing an agreement for the needed adjustments.

“They’re the best firm I’ve ever worked with. They’re so easy to work with. I never get pushback anytime I want to make changes. They have such a good attitude about it. I never feel like I’m putting them out, or hear ‘this is going to cost more money’, and I appreciate that. I would recommend them to any jurisdiction.”
Nina Buelna, Associate Engineer, City of Roseville