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Auburn Boulevard Complete Street, Phase 2

Signature City Entrance and Streetscape Transformation

The Auburn Boulevard Complete Streets Revitalization, Phase 2 project offers an extraordinary opportunity for the City of Citrus Heights to create a signature entrance and transform this corridor section for the community. Auburn Boulevard forms the core of the City and Phase 2 further realizes the City’s vision captured in The Boulevard Plan. This vibrant urban corridor will increase safety for all users, improve aesthetics, and invite businesses, residents, and visitors to live, work, and play.

Phase 2 completes the larger, ongoing effort to revitalize the corridor, promote private investment, and provide more opportunities to Citrus Heights community members and businesses. The community has already benefited from the synergy of civic improvements and private investment in the Sylvan Corners Village and Lincoln 40 Districts. This growth will continue as businesses invest in the Gateway and Rusch Park Districts, which are encompassed in this project.

This project begins at Rusch Park and ends at the City’s northern limits. This fast-moving, four-lane arterial section is primed for transformation. This project will alter the Boulevard’s orientation from car-centric to a pedestrian and bike-oriented corridor with safe, inviting sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes.