Wastewater Pond No. 2 Site Slope Stabilization

Redesign of Slope Will Prevent Future Problems

During heavy rains near the hills of Napa County, the NBRID reclaimed water ponds site experienced two slope failures causing damage to one of the existing reclaimed water ponds. In coordination with Geocon Consultants, Bennett+Y&C not only designed a fix for the slope failure but also improvements to the site that will prevent future problems, including over-excavation and recompaction of the hill side and drainage improvements. This was achieved with additional toe drains and a gunite surface drain system around the perimeter of the site, as well as a sub-surface drainage system, to carry stormwater to a safe discharge location. The project included plans, specifications, and estimates for the repair of the two slope failures, surface and sub-surface drainage improvements, regrading and slope stabilization of the access road and adjacent hillside, repair of the pond liner, and repairs to the damaged irrigation yard piping.