The Rivers Tank and Pump Station – Design Build

Tank and Pump Station in West Sacramento to Serve New School and Housing Development

A new water tank and booster pump station were added to the City’s potable water system to serve a new school and housing development in the City’s Rivers District. The 1.9MG welded steel water tank and pump station were designed with 134 auger cast pile supports that will prevent any settlement caused by the City’s unstable sandy soil and high water table. The pump station includes two, 100-hp horizontal split case pumps, an altitude valve, a storage room, and a restroom. The relatively flat terrain challenged the team to provide a suitable drainage solution for tight site constraints and a narrow access road.  The design included numerous hardening components to enhance reliability during a natural disaster,  including upgraded and protected electrical equipment housed in a building and supported by a back-up generator, extra backup generator receptacles on the outside of the building, backup data collection points for tank level, pressures, and quality, pile supports to eliminate settlement, and a double ball flexible couplings to maintain the waterline to the distribution system during a seismic event.