SR70 Storm Drain Pump Station and Discharge Project and Design

Pump Station Replacement Aids During Heavy Rain Seasons

Pump Station Project

During heavy rains, the Yuba River floods near SR70 and the excess water is diverted via gravity through a culvert and held in a nearby land area. After flood levels in the river have subsided, a pump station pumps the water back into the river. The existing pump station was in need of replacement.

Bennett+Y&C prepared designs to install a new pump station and install a new pipe through the adjacent levee for water discharge.

Pump Station Design

As a subconsultant to MCM Construction, the firm provided civil design for the storm drain pump including total dynamic head (TDH) calculations, discharge plans and profiles, discharge pipe size, and material, the layout of the drainage structure, drainage structure details and specifications, and trenching and backfill details/specifications. The firm also provided engineering assistance during construction.