Spicer/Sperry Traffic Circle and Safety Improvements

Traffic Circle Eases Congestion and Adds Bulb-Out Corners for more Visible Pedestrian Crosswalks

Located between two of the city’s main thoroughfares, the Spicer/Sperry intersection is busier than most residential street corners. With residents facing significant traffic delays and the intersection lacking ADA-compliant ramps, the City embarked on a project to improve the intersection.

Bennett Engineering Services was selected to design the new intersection, replacing the existing four-way stop with a traffic circle, adding ADA-compliant ramps, and modernizing the storm drainage. The team provided design, plans, estimates, specifications, surveys, utility coordination, and construction support and assisted the City with public outreach.

The new roundabout improves traffic flow and safety at the intersection by incorporating bulb-out corners and an inner, mountable curb. With this design, traffic is forced to slow to a safe speed when approaching the roundabout, pedestrian crosswalks are set back from merging traffic, and large emergency or towing vehicles can use the inner curb to accommodate turns.

When plans for the traffic circle were announced, residents in the area expressed concern that it would restrict maneuverability for RVs, boat trailers, and other large vehicles. To alleviate these concerns, the team worked with the City to conduct public outreach and field testing for the traffic circle.