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Consolidated Fabricators Site Improvements

This project included a drainage analysis that involved record drawing research of improvements and drainage studies for the project area adjacent to Industrial Drive and Live Oak Avenue.

The drainage analysis was prepared using the procedure outlined in the Sacramento County Improvement Standards. Analysis was needed to determine the capacity of the existing drainage system along Industrial Drive, and to determine remaining capacity to serve the proposed 7-acre site development at the south east corner of Industrial Drive and Live Oak Avenue. We determined 10-year and 100-year flows, hydraulic grade lines, and overland release paths.

A technical memorandum was prepared documenting the results of the evaluation and, the alternatives for stormwater discharge.

With approval from the City of Galt for the drainage analysis, the design of the improvements to the site were completed. This project included frontage improvements to Live Oak Avenue, dry utility undergrounding coordination, wet utility design, grading and drainage design, the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), site plan design, approval processing, and permitting.

The 7-acre parcel, intended to be used as a fabrication company site, was designed to discharge treated stormwater into the public system as specified in the approved drainage analysis. Runoff for the site is treated using five vegetated swales that were designed using the Stormwater Quality Design Manual for the Sacramento and South Placer Regions.

Frontage improvements included widening of Live Oak Avenue, curb/gutter/sidewalk design, public stormwater and sewer systems in right-of-way, and coordination of the dry utility purveyors for undergrounding.