New Cement Hill Pipeline

Secondary Pipeline Enables Clear Well Functionality

The recently completed Suisun-Solano Water Authority New Cement Hill Pipeline provides a second pipeline from the Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant to the site of two tanks, enabling the tanks to become a clear well for the treatment plant.

The project included design to update the connection to the tank with an above-ground manifold, double-ball flexible expansion joints, motor-operated valves, and chlorine sampling points. The new parallel pipeline consists of 2,990-ft of buried PVC and 60-ft of steel pipe as an aerial crossing of the Putah South Canal. The entire pipeline was installed with fiber optic conduit in a common trench to provide a reliable link from the Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant (CHWTP) and improve SCADA operation and control at the tanks. The pipeline had to cross from CHWTP property to an easement and through City of Fairfield right-of-way to a private property easement.

Throughout construction of the new pipeline, the existing pipeline needed to remain in operation.  To accommodate the District’s operational schedule and reduce impacts to the water system, the team adapted the design to tie-in at the end of the construction process.

The project required coordination with several different entities including Solano County, the City of Fairfield, Solano Irrigation District, the US Bureau of Reclamation, and other private property owners.

The team also coordinated with the parallel construction of Tank 2B and with the water treatment plant operations staff and assisted with acquisition of an encroachment permit from the US Bureau of Reclamation for construction within the Putah South Canal right-of-way.

The team provided coordination among stakeholders and assisted with plats and legal descriptions, easements, and exhibits to gain temporary and permanent easements to all the properties located within the project limits.

The project bid at $1.92 million.