Meadowview Road Complete Street

Improved Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to Schools and Light Rail

2022 APWA Sacramento Chapter “Project of the Year” Transportation Award

The project creates a multimodal-friendly environment that enhances the walkability to and from the light rail station, job centers, and community center, and helps promote continued transit-oriented development at the light rail station. It also provides a sense of place and community identity.

The project added bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and public art. The team provided environmental documents, plat and legal descriptions for new right-of-way, public outreach assistance, and designed streetscape improvements.

Vertical curb prevents vehicles from easily mounting the sidewalk and a landscaped buffer separates pedestrians and cars while embellishing the streetscape with native, low-water landscaping. Widened medians further separate opposing traffic and allow space for trees and increasing the feeling of neighborhood. Narrower vehicle lanes reduce speeds and improve safety. Decorative elements include a neighborhood monument at the 24th and Meadowview intersection.

The firm worked with the City to build on the efforts started more than a decade ago to transform the Meadowview Road corridor into a more walkable and livable neighborhood. The project is a critical step towards implementing the ultimate vision for the Meadowview community. This project embodies the region’s commitment to encouraging infill development and revitalization in the area.

Multiple community outreach efforts included public workshops, neighborhood associations, and local elementary and middle school presentations. This effort generated substantial positive feedback and demonstrated that the community and stakeholders were in support of the project.

The section of Meadowview Road between 24th Street and the Meadowview Light Rail Station is one of the most important pieces of the Meadowview Road backbone because it links the community to the Meadowview light rail station. The section provides accessibility to job centers, has the most available vacant parcels, and opportunities for development. It is the section that will facilitate connections between the existing Meadowview community with the new Delta Shores community to the south and the Florin Business district to the north.

The team assisted the City of Sacramento to apply successfully for a $2,475,000 SACOG Community Design Grant and a $2,194,500 ATP Cycle 3 Grant.