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Meadowview Road/24th Street Streetscape

Improved Pedestrian and Bicycle Access to Schools and Light Rail

This project in South Sacramento includes two miles of Meadowview Road and one mile of 24th Street, which serve as a route to markets, community services, schools, and public transportation. The project aims to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety along the corridor and provide access the community’s Meadowview Light Rail Station.

This federally-funded project includes the preparation of environmental documents, new right-of-way, public outreach, and the design of streetscape improvements, which include widening sidewalks, adding buffered bike lanes, adding landscaped medians, vertical curbs, restriping the streets, adding neighborhood monuments, and improving median landscaping. 

The design also widens the Meadowview Road and 24th Street medians, further separating opposing traffic and allowing space for trees that give the street more of a neighborhood feel. 

The team also assisted with a substantial community outreach effort. The team collected public feedback on safety and street crossings at community meetings and after school, bilingual programs for presentations, statistics, and input on why children were not walking or biking to school to further understand the design needs of the area.

In addition, the team assisted the City of Sacramento to acquire a $2.4 million SACOG Community Design Grant application to fund the construction of one-half mile of the project area on Meadowview Road.