Hutchison Corridor Improvements East

2014 APWA Sacramento Chapter Public Works Project of the Year Award

Roadway and Stormwater Replacement Project also Reduces Conflicts between Buses, Pedestrians, and Bicycles

This project included improvements along Hutchison Drive, a major University of California, Davis corridor that is only open to university buses, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The project replaced the aged roadway and a section of stormwater piping, realigned and widened a section of roadway, modified the lighting with energy efficient fixtures, and enhanced the pedestrian corridors, bikeway, and landscape. The design also improved transit routing by reducing conflicts between buses, pedestrians, and bicycles.

The team designed alternatives and developed a phasing plan to align the project with available funds. Close coordination between landscape and civil improvements was required to ensure competing elements were incorporated into the project and satisfied all stakeholders’ needs.

The project was funded by federal and state funds that required coordination with Caltrans and other state agencies. In addition, close coordination with utility departments, UC Davis transit, and other stakeholders was necessary to keep the project moving forward. The team had regular meetings and coordinated with multiple departments to address all concerns. 11419

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