Defensive Space Ignition Resistant Construction Project

Replacement of a Wood Tank with a Steel One Boosts Fire Protection and Resiliency

Hidden Valley Lake is extremely vulnerable to wildfires. The land is either forested or consists of thick undergrowth. Additionally, one of the District’s water storage tanks was built out of redwood and was undersized. The District received a grant from FEMA to increase resiliency in its infrastructure by replacing the redwood tank, hardening other vulnerable infrastructure sites, and preparing a Vegetation Management Plan to reduce fuels.

The District selected Bennett+Y&C to prepare improvement plans, specifications, and estimates to replace the redwood tank and existing associated underground infrastructure, replace an aboveground wellhead and manifold, enclose two exposed wellheads in ignition-resistant structures, and prepare a vegetation removal and management plan for overgrown vegetation and trees. Services also included coordination with the Department of Drinking Water, Environmental Permitting, and SCADA upgrades. This project will increase resiliency in their system and for the District’s customers.