Tony Ozanich and Chelsea Gillis
Meet Our Land Development Team

Charles (Tony) Ozanich, PE, Land Development Director Charles (Tony) Ozanich, PE, has been named Director of Land Development services after a year at Bennett Engineering Services as a Senior Engineer. Tony has more than three decades of professional civil engineering experience with a variety of challenging projects and has performed engineering and design assignments for public and private, commercial and industrial site designs, street and highway design, water and wastewater treatment plants, water distribution systems, sewage collection systems, and golf…

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BEN|EN Completes Sunrise/Folsom Intersection Truck Path Analysis

The Bennett Engineering Services team analyzed a major intersection in the City of Rancho Cordova for truck turning clearance of a STAA Standard Design Vehicle (69-foot-long). The City required verification the vehicles could manage the turns required to maneuver through the intersection. The analysis had five major maneuvers, including a U-turn. These maneuvers were analyzed for both the existing conditions and proposed improvements at that intersection. Ten turning analysis exhibits were produced and submitted to the City for review. For…