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6th Street Bridge Replacement

Double Box Culvert Structure Replaces Functionally Obsolete Biggs Bridge

The original, one-lane bridge over the Irrigation Reclamation District 833 Hamilton slough was a concrete and wood structure constructed in 1935.  Four concrete columns, set approximately in the center, supported the structure. While concrete barriers were set up on either side as railings, most of them had collapsed due to traffic accidents.

Recently, reviews by the City and Caltrans deemed the crossing functionally obsolete. Therefore the City applied for and was approved for Highway Bridge Program federal funding.

This project replaced and widened the bridge and also modified the roadway approaches providing an adequate and safe crossing for residents, trucks, and farm vehicles.

The new, two-lane double box culvert structure was constructed with safety railings, paving, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Channel work included rock slope protection and widening to accommodate the culvert. In addition, the project included rehabilitated roadway, temporary construction easements, and utility relocations. The project also included CEQA and NEPA documentation.